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West Coast Whisky Society

The Society was originally formed by a group of friends who had a passion for whisky, brought together to celebrate, educate and partake in the "Water of Life - Uisgea Beatha ... Whisky."

From simple beginnings this group has evolved into a Society that is extremely well known and respected in the whisky industry. Our focus on enjoying the rare and unique in whisky available to the consumer has been leveraged by the relationships made with the icons of the Whisky Industry. We hold Tasting Events throughout the year and most recently these events have been augmented by visiting dignitaries representing their distillery's finest. We have sampled from unique single barrels and are in the process of bottling exclusive renditions for our membership.

Membership has its privileges – from access to some of the finer whiskies of the world, to preferred pricing at quality stores, along with invitations to numerous "special events" such as The Victoria Whisky Festival, Hopscotch and Willow Park's Whisky in the Warehouse.

Together we believe we have made significant contributions to our collective knowledge and understanding of whisky, the industry and it's community.